The innovative eyewear brand Factory900 was launched in 2001 by Aoyama Optical, an eyewear factory founded over 75 years ago and continued by three generations of the Aoyama family. The designer is Yoshinori Aoyama.

The name “Factory900” refers to the number that originally designated his factory. FACTORY900, winner of the Silmo d’Or 2013, always makes the Futures Eyewear with unique technology. The New Collection, named RETRO FUTURE by 900 “RF-006”, is a new concept collection which was nominated for Silmo d’Or 2014, and was also best seller in 2014-2015. If we were in 1950’s and would ask FACTORY900 the question “ What kind of future you dream ?” Retro Future by 900 would be the answer.

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