Colourful Babel

A Babel without chaos does not exist. Whenever people band together in a town, a city, a country or on a planet there will be colourful chaos.

The question we need to ask ourselves is: “is chaos or confusion necessarily a bad thing?”.
1. Without colour chaos, there would be only black and white.
2. Colour chaos helps us to appreciate better order. You need chaos to put all unique colours into perspective.
3. Colour chaos can actually help you to find peace. You learn how to look better, as an individual.

Indeed, we – as theo – embrace colour, we don’t fight it!
Confusion implies that something greater, better is bound to happen!
You’ll always have something to look forward to. Life shouldn’t be dull.
theo’s philosophy is just that. We aim higher and we don’t settle for less than spectacular. To surprise people, to see them smile, to make them happy. Nothing beats this! Colour for president!
theo for colourful people!

Other tips


“Fashion = Language and Glasses = Fashion >> Glasses = Language”


“Colourful Babel”


“The new Babylon is definitely utopia.”

Anne et

“When everything loses its shape, when values are lost, Man reconnects with our deepest nature, filled with hope for sharing and love.”


“Diversity, curiosity, sharing emotions through our designs…”

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