TEN years together

It’s crazy to think how quickly this decade has flown by, it feels like only yesterday we started out this adventure with so many ifs, with so much fear but one certainty: we wanted to do it.
The design branch of this field needed a magazine to make its voice heard, to tell its stories and to spread its passion.
These have, in fact, been ten years of great passion but also of challenges, of research and travelling, of marvel for thousands of novelties and for how much the human mind can create with two stems and a front.

Ten years of enrichening friendships with the wonderful people we met along the way and of the beautiful human relationships created.
Some people will always be a part of our lives for their way of being and feeling, for how much they have taught us and for the worlds the have introduced us to, for their being visionaries and for their constant creativity: the common thread in this journey. Both theirs and ours.
Throughout this journey we have lost people who will live on in our memories and in our hearts. we are still mourning the loss of somebody we recently lost; but this too, is part of life, you have to keep the pain within you and move on.

We have tried to always impress you, LYF is a complicated magazine, there are no predefined models, layouts or boxes to fill in, that make everything the same, flat.
LYF makes us constantly challenge ourselves and our readers, our main objective is to raise the bar. Always. Perhaps sometimes we didn’t succeed in our intent, but we always had the best intentions.
Among all this going, creating, undoing and rebuilding, restarting, observing to translate into images, phrases, concepts, relationships, ideas, we have you. you who have been our supporters from the beginning, perpetual sources of inspiration, people with whom often a simple glance is worth so much more than words.
We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. LYF adores you.

Cristina Frasca

TEN years together