Yuichi Toyama has been designing for 25 years and in 2017 his namesake brand YUICHI TOYAMA launched an exclusive eyewear collection.

For its 2018 Spring/Summer Collection YUICHI TOYAMA gives birth to the “4 fine” models, an aesthetic experience based on the theme of beauty.

The designer has rearranged his ideas inspired by thoughts and opinions coming from both domestic and overseas worlds, and he has finally landed to the four names composed with the word “fine”.
Each eyewear reflects the core essence of this word. He has spent his last quarter century with the mission to create innovative timeless eyewear complimenting its functional beauty.
We hope you’ll enjoy our frames imparting his incredible sense of touch and the skills cultivated through his many years of exceptional practice and experience.

Designed with stainless structure embedded into acetate. Presenting robustness and functional beauty.

Created in homage to the European frames of the 1980s that led Yuichi to aspire to be an eyewear designer. He presented it with its technique in his Double Dutch Collection (2017 Spring/Summer Collection).

Designed with focus on lens shapes and framed by distinctive outlines.
This allows the contour to be emphasized and it embraces a detailed elegance. The design is only created through the powerful bond and connection with the craftsman.

Offered in order to meet the numerous customers demanding for the popular sunglass lines in regular eyewear frames.

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