It takes two to be brave

You need some guts to swim against the stream
To follow your heart and to create your dream
It takes some courage, that jump in the deep
To provoke and be creative without becoming a creep
All you ever wanted was to spread the love
By being yourselves with a top of humour above
Being sixteen we thought you were a little awkward
Now that we are older we can see the reward
The colours, the humour, the ‘crossing the line’
It made theo grow and did it more than just fine
Now we continue your story, while you’re on the dancefloor
A big applause, you’re our everything and more

Mik, Jan & Toon

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“We have specific areas on our body with hair and without hair.”


“It takes two to be brave (An ode to our parents)”


“I am centuries old yet young blood runs in my veins.”

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